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The R&D Tax Credit scheme seeks to award innovation with the funds to reinvest in your business. Broad HMRC definitions of R&D means many businesses could be within the scope to receive R&D Tax Credits.

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R&D Tax Relief is a government incentive, which aims to support British businesses
that are undertaking technically challenging work, in order to create jobs in the UK, attract foreign direct investment and encourage a culture of innovation. Since its introduction back in 2000, the R&D Tax Relief scheme has expanded to help a wide variety of sectors, many of which are only just beginning to realise that they are eligible, such as Construction and Agriculture.


What our

clients say


HMRC will award 25p in every pound spent in qualifying research and development activities. In cases where your business is loss making, the relief increases to 33p in every pound spent.

Qualifying spend ranges from wages and sub-contracted cost to consumable items.

The R&D Tax Credit scheme will release funds for reinvestment, allowing your innovation to continue.


Have you spent time or money creating or improving a product, service, or process for your industry?

Have you faced technical issues which required trial and error to combat?

Does the solution to your problem exist in the public domain? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, get in touch with us today or use our free R&D Tax Relief calculator to estimate how much you could claim.

60 Day Claim Process

Today –
Initial Phone Call

A conversation to understand if you are eligible for R&D Tax Relief, where we determine how best to work with your company.

Tomorrow –
begin the process

Collation of technical information to support your claim.

Two weeks –
Cost collection exercise

Identification of qualifying expense to calculate the value of your R&D Tax Credit.

One month –
Submit report to HMRC

Finalised package to be submitted to HMRC, this will include the technical and financial aspects of the R&D Tax Claim.

Two months –
Receipt of money from HMRC

Your benefit is awarded within an average of 28 days.

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