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What are R&D Tax Credits?

R&D Tax Relief is a government incentive, which aims to support British businesses that are undertaking technically challenging work, in order to create jobs in the UK, attract foreign direct investment and encourage a culture of innovation. 

Since its introduction back in 2000, the Scheme has expanded to help a wide variety of sectors, many of which are only just beginning to realise that they are eligible, such as Construction and Agriculture. 

How can R&D tax credits help me?

If your company is an SME, which has undertaken relevant activities in the last two financial years, then it will be eligible to receive a benefit from the Revenue. The benefit can be realised whether you pay tax or not (ie. have made a profit or loss). 

Put simply, for every £1 you have spent in the last two years on the relevant sort of activities, the Revenue will give you back 25p in most instances. There are also certain instances where, if you have made a loss over the last two years, the benefit can increase up to 33p. 

Application Process




A call between the consultant and the client to cover high-level company information and due diligence, and then discuss the R&D scheme in depth and begin discussing projects.




Consultants and client discuss and outline all projects to be included in the claim.




Consultants and client to prepare and co-populate cost collection documentation, detailing relevant project costs and to formalise an R&D apportionment methodology consistent with those verified by HMRC as preferred methods.

Timeline for securing your benefit

  • Today: Initial Call
    • A conversation to understand if you are eligible for the benefit, where we determine if we can work with your company
  • Tomorrow: Begin the process
    • Initial call followed by gathering of technical information
  • Two-weeks: Cost collection exercise
    • Cost collection – completed alongside RCK, once the technical information has been gathered
  • One month: Submit the report to HMRC
    • Finalised package to be submitted to the Revenue – this will include the technical and financial aspects of the claim
  • Two months: Receipt of money from the revenue
    • Your benefit is paid out within 28 days (on average).

Our clients

If you wish to talk to either one of these businesses or countless others, please do not hesitate to ask – we work solely on a referral basis, meaning many of our clients know one another and are always happy to help. 

This was my first experience of the R&D Tax Relief - Peter was introduced to me by a fellow director, whom I have worked with for many years and came highly recommended. I was initially surprised at the sort of projects that would qualify for the relief but RCK walked me through the claim and helped me identify the relevant work. The end result was a cash benefit within a month. With everything that has happened over the last year, I could not be happier with receiving the benefit so quickly!Managing Director M&E Firm - Leeds
I was referred to Mark and his team by a good friend of mine in the farming community. Being a sceptical man, I was not sure whether the exercise would be worth my time, however, I can safely say it was. The entire process took less than a month to complete and the team at RCK had a good insight into the operations of my farm. What was truly astounding was that my benefit was with me within 3 weeks of submitting the claim. I will certainly be using RCK for all of my future claims.Director Dairy Farm - Somerset
RCK have been an invaluable partner for us over the last year. Not only have they helped identify R&D opportunities within new sectors, they have also guided our clients through the process from start to finish. Unlike a lot of the other providers we have previously worked with - Mark & Peter will always have time to speak to a client, creating far more of a personal feel than any of the big corporates within this space. We look forward to many more successful claims!Partner Accountancy - Cheshire

We are proud to be the fastest growing team of experts within the R&D Tax Credit space – certainly to our knowledge! 

We are proud to be the fastest growing team of experts within the R&D Tax Credit space – certainly to our knowledge! Our team of consultants consists of PhD engineers, patent-attorneys, agricultural specialists, software engineers and a plethora of Oxbridge degrees. 

Alongside this, we are also proud to have a strategic alliance with a firm of Chartered Tax Advisers and Chartered Accountants, the principal of which is a former senior HMRC tax inspector with extensive frontline experience of the R&D Tax Credit regime. 

Peter Roscoe

  • Managing Partner
  • proscoe@rck.partners
  • 07977 502885

Peter has been at the very top of the R&D Tax Credit industry for a number of years now. Having begun his career at the largest R&D Tax Credit provider, Peter has gone on to break every record that has been set within the industry.

By now he has delivered more than £20mil+ of funding for British businesses, in that short period of time, and has been recognised as the top individual within this space, across a number of sectors. Indeed, Peter's specialisation lies in the engineering sector: delivering successful claims for construction, engineering and M&E companies in the FTSE 100 and SME market.

Much of Peter's success has come down to his ability to build relationships and deliver successful results, placing him as one of the most well-known names in the industry.

Mark Kashinskiy

  • Managing Partner
  • mkashinskiy@rck.partners
  • 07818 068510

Mark has been working in R&D Tax Credits ever since his graduation from the University of Oxford. As one of the first people to begin working on agriculture claims in the UK, Mark has developed a wide network of clients within the farming community, through which he has continued to help others within the industry. 

Over the last three years, he has worked with over 250 farms – whose turnover ranges from 200k to 100mil+ - to help them access the R&D Tax Credit benefit, to the total tune of £10 mil. 

Outside of farming, the rest of Mark's client base is spread out between engineering, renewable energy and software companies (with a particular focus on blockchain and AI).

Gregg Gaffney

  • Senior Consultant – Technical
  • ggaffney@rck.partners
  • 07828 844082

Prior to working in R&D Tax Credits, Gregg spent three years working at Thales – a leading engineering company, specialising in aerospace, transportation and global security.  Initially Gregg worked as a graduate mechanical design engineer on the €1bn 4LM (four lines modernisation) London Underground driverless resignalling project, before becoming a lead mechanical design engineer on the NLE (northern line extension) project, extending the Northern line, as a part of the Battersea power station redevelopment scheme. 

Gregg’s academic background paved a natural progression towards R&D Tax credits; he studied for an MEng in Mechanical Engineering with Advanced Design & Innovation, at the University of Bath, where he graduated with First Class Honours.

Charlie Clover

  • Partner - Commercial
  • cclover@rck.partners
  • 07866 738717

Charlie's background prior to working within the R&D Tax Credit world has been in the equine industry, where he has advised owners on a wide range of issues impacting on the keeping and management of horses. As such, his portfolio mainly consists of large equestrian businesses, stud farms, training yards, as well as veterinary practices and agricultural businesses. Charlie's links to the equine industry allow him to specialise within it and grow his client base through a close knit network, which he has developed.

Up to date, he has been instrumental in helping equine yards receive an R&D benefit, with a 100% success rate.

Oliver Dolby

  • Partner - Commercial
  • odolby@rck.partners
  • 07538 625661

Oliver’s academic background within International Business has been instrumental to his success within R&D Tax Credit space over the last three years. Oliver’s portfolio of clients covers a wide range of industries, with particular emphasis on the construction and engineering sectors. With advanced knowledge of the UK’s fiscal policy, his clients range from £400k to 75m+ turnover businesses and have come from the organic growth of his portfolio, working closely with clients and trade bodies alike.

James Gibson

  • Partner - Commercial
  • jgibson@rck.partners
  • 07828 815240

James has over 4 years of experience within the R&D industry having previously been Associate Partner at one of the largest consulting houses within the innovation incentives space. In his previous role, James managed a team focusing on a number of sectors, notably within life sciences and engineering. Alongside this, James was responsible for analysing industry trends and legislation changes in order to identify new markets that would be eligible for the R&D incentive, thus helping to increase awareness of this valuable relief.

James' success comes from establishing successful links with business owners and accountants alike, as he helps to ensure all clients make the most of the innovation incentives available for their industry.

Dr. Bajram Ferizoli

  • Consultant
  • bferizoli@rck.partners
  • 07762 330144

Bajram’s academic background has naturally lent itself to propel his career into the world of R&D Tax Credits. Bajram holds an MEng in Medical Materials with Industrial Experience, from Queen Mary (University of London), where he graduated with First Class Honours. This paved his way for a PhD, at the same institution, during which he looked at the development of methodologies to investigate the Interactions of Tin Ions During Hydroxyapatite Demineralisation; in particular Bajram focused on developing methodologies to study the demineralisation process.

Bajram’s time in industry followed similar suit; in particular the time he spent working at Pfizer, where he analysed the performance of novel drug delivery devices, focusing on improving their optimal quality.

This combination of academic and industry experience has allowed Bajram to understand both the theoretical workings of his clients’ R&D, as well as the real world, commercial application of it – thus placing him in the best position to help them obtain the financial benefits associated with innovation.

Hugo Morrell-Roberts

  • Consultant
  • hmorrell-roberts@rck.partners
  • 07828 801160

Hugo graduated with a First Class in History from the University of Oxford, before completing a Master’s in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has sought out a broad base of knowledge and experience to build upon, such as working in Parliament and setting up summer schools in India and Singapore.

Hugo is driven by work that has a tangible real world impact. When working for Fieldfisher LLP on the Independent Inquiry into CSA, he undertook work for hearings that sought to address and help rectify the wrongs and injustices of the past. Looking to move away from the legal world, when the opportunity arose to work with RCK Partners, Hugo saw it as the perfect job to continue in this vein and deliver benefits to businesses around the UK.

Having begun his journey with RCK on the client relationship side, Hugo quickly moved into a consulting role, where he has since helped numerous businesses successfully apply for the R&D Tax Credit incentive.

Oury Barry

  • Consultant
  • obarry@rck.partners
  • 07862 003959

Oury has been working in the innovation funding space for over three years, helping businesses of all sizes with their R&D claims. Oury’s academic background – BSc in Economics from SOAS University of London and a MSc in Economics from City, University of London – acted as the perfect starting block for his career, as he was able to apply his financial expertise to real life problems. Indeed, it was Oury’s involvement in R&D Tax Credits, which then inspired him to continue gaining further qualifications within the tax space: the first of which he completed at the IFA last year.

Oury’s financial knowledge, combined with the technical expertise, has given him the a great platform to help his portfolio with all aspects of an R&D Tax Credit claim.

Wayne Boorer

  • Head of Finance
  • wboorer@rck.partners
  • 07846 341084

Wayne joined RCK Partners in June 2021 and is responsible for all of the company’s financial functions. He also oversees and manages all HR, IT, Legal and Facilities activities. His career spans 10 years of varied experience in financial management and corporate strategy.

Prior to joining RCK, Wayne served as Group Commercial Finance Manager for FDM Group PLC, a FTSE 250 IT professional services company. Before that, he worked in the financial planning function of Hastings Group PLC, a FTSE 250 Insurance company. Earlier in his career, Wayne held senior-level positions within FP&A, Tax, Treasury and R&D at Edwards Vacuum, a manufacturing engineering company.

Wayne holds a Master of Arts in Economics and Politics and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of York. Wayne qualified as an accountant (ACMA, CGMA) in 2014.

Ashlinn Power

  • Business Manager
  • apower@rck.partners
  • 07862 005803

Ashlinn graduated from the University of Oxford, with a bachelor’s degree in Jurisprudence (Law), specialising in Medical Law. Following on from her academic success, Ashlinn wanted to move from the theoretical into the practical, and transitioned into the world of business management. She has experience across both corporates and start ups, helping these businesses streamline their operational processes in order to increase efficiency, as well as offering strategic business support and HR oversight.

Within RCK, Ashlinn is responsible for business operations, helping the company improve both operational and financial efficiencies – as well as acting as a point of contact for our client base.

Freddie Page

  • Partner - Commercial
  • fpage@rck.partners
  • 07742 213302

Freddie has over five years’ experience within the R&D Tax Credits field, having previously worked at the UK’s largest provider of innovation funding. During this time, he has helped countless companies, across a multitude of sectors – from Engineering and Construction, to Agriculture and Software – claim back well over £20 million.

Freddie’s success, in part, has come from his ability to nurture and grow relationships with the firm’s accountancy partners: an exercise he has pioneered within the industry. Freddie’s belief that by working alongside accountants to add value to their client base, rather than competing against them, has meant that he has created successful partnerships with over 100 accountancies across the UK – helping their clients obtain the various forms of government funding available to them. Indeed, this has been instrumental not just to the company, but to the industry as a whole, with many of the other providers implementing Freddie’s model.

Dr. Peter Clark

  • Consultant Partner
  • pclark@rck.partners
  • 07515 827829

An experienced R&D professional,  Peter completed an engineering doctorate whilst working within a FTSE 100 central R&D department and subsequently worked in development engineering refining precious metals before undertaking management consulting work to implement innovation software.

Having worked within one of Europe’s largest innovation funding providers, Peter has worked extensively on engineering, construction, manufacturing and agricultural R&D claims and claimed in excess of £25 million in benefits for his clients.

By incorporating a specific blend of real-world R&D experience, engineering problem solving and tax knowledge, he is able to better understand the challenges encountered by his clients, the solutions developed and the financial benefit available.

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